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7 Essential Creative Recovery Tools for Emotional Sobriety

The Art of Recovery 

I’m ready to experience 
Radiant Living in Sobriety


Hello there! I’m Karen Corona, a Wellness and Recovery Coach for women in sobriety. 


I help women discover creative recovery practices as an alternative to numbing emotional pain with alcohol so they can live their best and most fulfilled life. 


Sign up for my free guide and take your recovery journey to the next level.  

Are you struggling to cope emotionally with the ups and downs of life now that you've put down alcohol?  

  • Learn 7 foundational practices that will transform your recovery

  • Discover ways to bring the creative arts into your recovery process

  • Adopt the key tools in order to experience more joy, serenity, and freedom 

Start to build your creative recovery toolbox TODAY and find Radiant Living in sobriety. 

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