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Heal your HeART to embrace the Emotional Freedom of Radiant Living

Transform your inner world. Transform your outer life.

Discover more… more serenity, more joy, more freedom, through creative wellness tools for Radiant Living.

Creativity & Wellness Clini-Coach® • Author • Speaker • Workshop and Retreat Facilitator


:Heal your HeART

Calling all creatives, empaths, heart-led therapists, coaches, spiritual-seekers, and womenpreneuers who have Big Hearts and Big Dreams. 


I help equip and empower women to heal emotional pain of the heART in order to experience the transformative radiance of emotional freedom.  


There is a path to Radiant Living through the ‘Art of Wellness’ and HeART Healing.


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Are you ready to up-level your life and discover high vibrancy intentional living through creative wellness tools so that you can SOAR? Find your wings to fly, stepping into Radiant Living with a newfound inner freedom, an inner liberation.


Radiant Living is all about claiming your emotional freedom, cultivating joy and serenity, and ‘becoming’ the best version of YOU.  It is about connecting with your Creative Higher Self in order to flourish in body, mind, heART, and soul. 


With Radiant Living you have unlocked your potential, you are aligned with your soul’s purpose, and you shine your unique light brightly into the world. 


Do you find yourself repeating old patterns and disempowering narratives that keep your stuck? Do you have perfectionistic or people-pleasing parts that block your path? 


What about feeling like an ‘emotional hostage’ to your past where an inner oppression keeps you exhausted and overwhelmed? And then, there’s self-sabotage that can show up to derail you once again. Defeated and discouraged. 


You may also find that you are still trying to ‘earn your worth’ which fuels the overworking and feeling overburdened. 


Or you may find yourself being repeatedly emotionally triggered that lands you outside the creative resiliency zone time and time again. Hear this today…there is hope in the form of RADIANT HeART Transformation. 


Are you an empath who is struggling to heal your heart wounds?

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About Karen ‘Kamali’

Karen Corona is a psychotherapist (LCSW), licensed in both Oregon and California, and a certified Creativity & Wellness Coach (Clini-Coach®). 


She has worked in the field of mental health and social work for over twenty-five years. Karen brings her creative and compassionate heart to the sacred work with her clients in both capacities. 


She is fiercely dedicated to empowering women to heal emotional wounds, release faulty or self-limiting beliefs about worth, and to bring creativity into the wellness journey. 


In her HeART Healing Coaching offerings, she guides women to claim their emotional freedom and gives voice to the power of the arts and creative expression to heal emotional pain and wounds of the heart.


She believes that healing and change is always possible and leads with the mantra, ‘Keep Going’. 

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” - Pablo Picasso

Renew your inner Phoenix,
embrace your Radiant RISING.  
Sometimes you need a breakdown for your biggest breakthrough

Hi! I’m Karen ‘Kamali’ Corona. I’m here to help you heal your heART, discover the daily joy of abundance and freedom in Radiant Living, and reclaim your creative Self. 


HeART healing is the path to Radiant Living. It involves tending with compassion to emotional wounds and releasing faulty or self-limiting beliefs about your worth.  


Let me be your creative and empowering guide to HeART Healing so that you may discover the colors of joy and serenity in entering into Radiant Living. I can support you to cross the golden bridge with creative and expressive arts-based wellness ‘soulutions’ that bring you from where you are now to where your heart longs to be. 

Book a complimentary HeART Connection Call today with Karen to explore her offerings. 


Be Well. Shine Brightly. Discover Radiant Living.

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