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Resources to help you heal from overwhelm and restore emotional well-being as a Creative Empath. Some of these I integrate into my work as a coach, others are supportive tools I recommend to help you on your journey through life and business. 



In my work as a Creative Empath Wellness Coach, I uniquely integrate both expressive arts and SoulCollage®. I am a trained SoulCollage Facilitator.   

SoulCollage® is a powerful creative arts for wellbeing tool for personal growth and transformation. It involves creating colorful collaged images on 5 x 7 cards that may then be used to extrapolate inner wisdom for life guidance and increased self-awareness. It is considered to be ‘soul-tending’ sacred work.   

A SoulCollage® deck is a celebration of the parts of one’s soul & personality and no two decks are alike. This intuitive collage process allows for new insights and personal empowerment as both light and shadow parts of oneself are explored. 


It can be a way to improve the communication between your conscious and unconscious mind in order to reveal what needs to be embraced in your transformation journey.

Seena Frost, a psychotherapist with a passion for creativity, personal growth, and spirituality, is the birthmother of SoulCollage®. A SoulCollage® deck has Four Suits to include The Committee Suit, The Community Suit, The Companions Suit, and The Council Suit.

The Committee Suit is that which represents all the inner parts of one’s personality. The Community Suit is one’s ‘supporters and challengers’; those in one’s social world to include people, pets, or various historical individuals who have made an imprint on one’s soul. The Companions Suit is related to the seven chakras and animal totems that emerge from a guided meditation. The Council Suit is all about archetypes that guide one and have an influence on one’s being. 


A deck of SoulCollage® cards also has three “Transpersonal Cards” – a Source card that symbolizes the One or the Divine, as well as a Witness and a Soul Essence card.

A SoulCollage® Reading process involves what is called, “I Am One Who” where the person who created the card speaks from the various images addressing and answering this statement (‘I Am One Who….’). Often the card will have a name or a title. The reading can then be used for inner wisdom to address a life question or guidance for a particular circumstance.

I was first introduced to SoulCollage® back in May of 2010 at an art store called University Art in Sacramento, California.  The woman, Margaret Sarantis, a SoulCollage® Facilitator, was offering a mini workshop on SoulCollage®.


I really loved the process and making cards as I’ve always gravitated towards collage art. The added bonus was that the process interwove ways to heal, grow, and transform through the imagery created and the SoulCollage® Readings. It is an enlightening and creative process and a way art can be threaded into one’s journey to live radiantly. Discover SoulCollage® today through my Coaching Services.  


Tools for Empaths

Dr. Judith Orloff is considered the ‘Godmother of the empath movement’.  She is a psychiatrist and a member of the UCLA clinical psychiatric faculty.  She has written several books on the topic including The Empath’s Survival Guide and Thriving as an Empath.  She also has a deck of cards called ‘The Empath’s Empowerment Deck’.

The Bookshelf

The Empath’s Self-Care Journal: 52 Weeks of Prompts, Practices, and Positive Affirmations to Help You Thrive by Mishka Clavijo Kimball, MS, LMFT

Self-Care for Empaths: 100 Activities To Help You Relax, Recharge, and Rebalance Your Life by Tanya Carroll Richardson 


Empath: A Survival Guide with Practical Strategies for Controlling Your Emotion, Nurturing Your Gift, and Thriving in Life by Ellen J Cure


The Highly Sensitive Person: How To Thrive When The World Overwhelms You by Elaine N Aron, PhD

Group Support & Other Resources

Emotions Anonymous, a 12-Step group for individuals to adopt healthy practices for emotional well-being.

The Highly Sensitive Person Podcast


Simrit Kaur, is a singer/songwriter born in Athens, Greece.

The Song of Bliss


Tina Malia is a visionary musical artist. Her sonic creations span sacred chant, dream pop, and folk music genres. 

Sita Ram – Bridge to Vallabha

Enya Patricia Brennan is an Irish singer, songwriter, and musician, known for her pioneering modern Celtic music. Boadicea from The Best of Enya Album

Online Resources:

Empath Empowerment Resources


Self-Care Strategies for Empaths

Dr. Judith Orloff's Empath Quiz


Expressive Arts Therapy

The Bookshelf

The Art Therapy Sourcebook by Cathy Malchiodi, MA, ATR

The Creative Connection: Expressive Arts as Healing by Natalie Rogers

Art Heals: How Creativity Cures The Soul by Shaun McNiff

Journal to the Self: Twenty-Two Paths to Personal Growth by Kathleen Adams

The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron

Life, Paint, and Passion: Reclaiming the Magic of Spontaneous Expression by Michele Cassou & Stewart Cubley

Other Resources – International Expressive Arts Therapy Association – American Art Therapy Association – SoulCollage® – Michele Cassou’s Intuitive or Process Painting – Stewart Cubley’s Process Painting Experience – Chris Zydel’s Wild Heart Painting (Intuitive Painting) – Expressive Arts Workshops with Shelley Klammer – Creative Guide through the 12 Steps

Art Journaling & Mixed Media

The Art Journal Workshop by Traci Bunkers

Art Journals & Creative Healing: Restoring The Spirit Through Self-Expression by Sharon Soneff

Creative Awakenings: Envisioning The Life of Your Dreams Through Art by Sheri Gaynor

Cultivating Your Creative Life by Alena Hennessy

Taking Flight: Inspiration and Techniques to Give Your Creative Spirit Wings by Kelly Rae Roberts

Art Journaling Magazine by Somerset Studios – Art Journaling

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