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Creative Heart Awakenings

Individual Coaching

Karen helps creative empath entrepreneurs master the art of self-care to live radiantly. She integrates expressive arts into her one-on-one coaching process. This may include journaling with specific prompts or free-flow writing, music and movement, collage, SoulCollage®, or using oil pastels to depict in color, shape, or image something related to what you are working on each week.


This adds a dimension to the work that yields results where one is able to embody their desired inner shifts and transform on a core level in order to embrace and embody Radiant Living. 

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Workshops & Retreats

In my art-based workshops, I offer both monthly SoulCollage® groups and creative arts workshops that focus on a particular theme for women.  


For January, the theme was ‘Word and Manta of the Year’ and the creative invitation was to create a Word & Mantra of the Year Vision Board (or a SoulCollage® set of cards).  


The fee for the 3-hour workshop is $75.  


The groups are held at my office location in Portland, Oregon. There are 5 spots open for each group. If you're interested in attending, send me an email and I'll provide more details, then register you to save your spot.  

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Online Course (coming soon)

My first online course will be based on helping overwhelmed creative empaths to master the art of self-care to transform their gifts into a superpower and skyrocket their business.  

Often creative empath entrepreneurs find themselves overwhelmed due to energy drain and taking on too much at the expense of self-care. There is the risk of burnout and depletion when in this mode for too long.  

Discover ways to tame the internalized ‘task master’ and overcome the empath overload in order to live radiantly and experience taking your business to the next level.  


The course has modules with topics such as creative empath wellness, energy protection strategies, and skills sets such as boundary setting. There are also specialized sections on areas such as essential oils and emotions related to being a creative empath entrepreneur.  


Stay tuned for the launch of this online course program coming in 2022.  

Are you a Creative Empath?

Empaths are highly sensitive people who absorb the energy around them. There are many positive qualities to being an empath such as being big-hearted, generous, a superb listener, intuitive, and often, highly creative.  


At the same time, these traits can lead to being overwhelmed with painful emotions as there is an immense depth of empathy, especially for those who are suffering. Whether you are even consciously empathetic towards another or not, if they are suffering, you start to feel heavy or off as well.


There can be an emotional roller coaster effect leading to a push and pull, in life and in your business efforts.

In order to Live Radiantly as a Creative Empath Entrepreneur, you need to know how to turn this super stressor into your superpower.   

Thankfully, there are specific strategies you can learn to protect your energy and harmonize your interactions in business, and in life. Through unique self-care practices that enable you to stay grounded, balanced, and centered, you can show up as the best version of yourself and build the radiant life of your dreams. 


While it may seem like a remote possibility, believe me when I say you can live in an open-hearted way, as a Creative Empath Entrepreneur, without the overwhelm and overload.


Navigating the world with an empathic nervous system isn’t a curse, but it does take a particular set of skills to handle so that you’re not constantly overstimulated and then left drained, depleted, and burnt out. 


If you’re ready to transform your relationship with your empathic nature, Live Radiantly, and take your business to the next level, you’re in the right place. 

My Approach

Discover Radiant Living as a creative empath entrepreneur. Through 1:1 coaching sessions with Karen, you will be empowered to embrace ‘soulutions’ to overcome energy-drain and overwhelm so that you can shine brightly in life and in your business. She helps depleted creative entrepreneurs release emotional empath burdens and master the art of self-care to live radiantly.  


Through working with Karen, you will learn to protect your energy, set boundaries, detox from negative emotional states absorbed from those around you, and create lasting mindset shifts. You will also be able to identify empathy overload and implement place strategies to renew and restore. Self-protection strategies to combat toxic energy are imperative in order to thrive as an empath. 


In Karen’s unique approach to empath coaching, she incorporates artful processes that illuminate the path and shape your inner transformation. She is a trained SoulCollage® Facilitator, which she integrates into her work.  


You can find your way to radiance as a creative empath woman. Move from feeling overburdened to light and free. Master the art of self-care and skyrocket your business to generate a greater impact in the lives you touch. Karen offers both single sessions and a powerful 6-week package. 

a 6 week coaching experience to empower creative entrepreneurs

Individual Coaching Sessions (1 hour duration each) – Package


Session 1: Setting the Foundation to Flourish as a Creative Empath Entrepreneur 


Session 2: Strategies to Overcome Empath Overload, Overwhelm & Anxiety 


Session 3: Mindset Matters: The Power of Our Thoughts & Beliefs


Session 4: Flourishing as a Creative Empath Entrepreneur: Addressing Your Blocks


Session 5: Self-Care Practices for The Creative Empath: Wellness Rhythms 


Session 6: Morning Success Routine & Home or Away Retreat

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Private Coach
Often it takes letting go of an old narrative you tell yourself and stepping into a new life narrative for the expansion of your heart to manifest the Radiant You. Keep rising until you soar and shine.
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