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When you are brokenhearted, stand in the way of    

This will be                                      for your soul.


About Karen

Karen Corona is a Creative Empath Wellness Coach for radiant, transformational living. She provides practical, creative, and sacred tools to Creative Empathic Entrepreneurs so that women may rise empowered and SOAR in Life.  


Karen is a writer and workshop facilitator trained in the SoulCollage® method, a powerful creative process for personal growth.


Through her background as a psychotherapist, licensed clinical social worker, certified coach, and her personal journey of healing, she has developed unique insights to lead Creative Empaths out of chaos and into harmony. She currently offers private coaching, workshops, and online programs.

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I grew up as a ‘black sheep’, being a creative empath in my family of origin. At the time, and for many years after that, I didn’t know that this was a very part of my authentic essence. The term itself was foreign to me as well. The effect of being a ‘black sheep’ was that it covered my identity in shame, like a thick fog no one could see through to appreciate the real me. I was often told I was "too sensitive". Later, in my social work career, I was told that I needed to ‘get thicker skin’.  


As a child, this made me conclude that there was something wrong with me and it needed to be hidden away. I’m sure many of you can relate. Thus, the development of a ‘false self’ ensued and I became ever more and more disconnected from my authentic self, my true gifts, and life purpose. After many bumpy years and through my own healing journey in therapy, I was able to reclaim this part of me.  Today, it is my greatest asset and my superpower. It is what allows me to Live Radiantly, honor my boundaries, and show up as the best version of myself.  



I bring my training in expressive arts therapy to my coaching practice. I have worked as a social worker and psychotherapist in the field for over twenty years.  I’ve specialized in working with women around healing and resolving the childhood emotional wounds that left scars to battle in their adulthood. I bring this experience and comprehensive skillset to my current work as a Creative Empath Wellness Coach through one on one work, group programs, and the workshops I lead.


I’m profoundly in love with being out in nature, either on a walk on the beach or a hike in the woods. Note - most creative empaths have a strong connection to nature and find it to be a place of refuge to recharge. They also have a special kinship to animals. My fury companion, Sadie, a mini chocolate labradoodle is a constant source of joy in my life. 


The other key ingredient in my radiant life which brings me delight is playful self-expression through the creative arts. I’m passionate about art journaling, mixed media collage and SoulCollage®. My soul lights up every time I make space to create and be present with whatever wants to come through. 


I will give you the creative and sacred tools of transformation to turn your wounds into your golden strands of wisdom so that you may be free to SOAR in life. 

You can be an overcomer in the face of emotional roadblocks, no matter how dark or overwhelming they feel. If you fall, stand, and stand again, until you remember you can always rise. Are you ready to renew your inner Phoneix and embrace your radiant rising?

Reach out to discover how we might work together to overcome empath overload and overburdening in order to travel lightly and freely in a more balanced way.



I believe healing, change, and personal growth are possible for everyone. I know because I’ve been there; the ashes of my life turned to beauty, so I deeply understand how hard it can be to see through the fog.  


You too can know a radiant inner ‘Promised Land’ where authentic freedom is the natural landscape of your heART. Discover how to SOAR in life where you rise again. 

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